As Long As We Continue Electing Politicians, Nothing Will Ever Change. Voting Doesn’t Matter If The Candidates Are Corrupt. Laws Don’t Matter If The People Enforcing Them, Are Corrupt. Only We The People Can End The Rampant Bribery In Washington!

In 2017, The American Society of Civil Engineers provided a grade of D+ in describing the overall state of our infrastructure. Our country is literally crumbling before our eyes! Every American should go to this organization’s website and learn the numerous health and safety risks we all face, rich and poor, every day from our deteriorating national infrastructure. As long as corrupt politicians continue handing out no-bid government infrastructure contracts to their big donors, there is no hope that our infrastructure will ever substantially improve, no matter how much government spends. All infrastructure contracts must be open to public bidding. No-bid contracts must be forbidden by law. Cost-plus contracts should be severely limited. The only contracts that protect citizens from corruption are fixed-price contracts.

We have a school system that only provides good education to those fortunate students living in affluent communities or students attending charter schools not controlled by the teachers’ unions and by corrupt Democrats. In every international study over the last two decades, American children have lagged far behind most other advanced nations in science, math, and reading. Go online. Google, “American kids lag far behind other countries in math, science, and reading.” Most teachers are former average or below average students. It’s stupid to hire former average or below average students to teach our kids. Other advanced countries hire their brightest former students. The Democrat Party has intentionally protected our broken education system in exchange for bloc votes and bribes from the teachers’ unions. From 1990-2018, the Democrat Party has collected over 75 million in bribes from the teachers’ unions. Click Here to see the bribes. Once they have tenure, most teachers and college professors have a job for life regardless of how incompetent or radical they are. This will never change unless the people start electing successful patriots who will fundamentally change our education system. 

Many voters still vote along party lines, unaware that the leadership of both the Democrat and the Republican Parties have abandoned their platforms and have sold out their constituents for big bribes. The Republican Party is no longer the party of Reagan. The Democrat Party is no longer the party of JFK. 

Still not convinced by the above examples that both Democrat and Republican politicians have jointly decimated the middle class, inflicting endless misery upon honest hard-working Americans? Here are more glaring examples.

George W Bush and the Republican Party accepted over two hundred million in bribes from Big Pharma in exchange for setting up the Medicare D prescription benefit so that the federal government could not negotiate the price of prescriptions used by those on Medicare, unlike the governments of other countries that negotiate lower prices for the same prescriptions.
Click Here and look at the bribes to the Republican Party and Republican politicians from the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2003 and subsequent years. Medicare Part D went into effect in 2006. The bribes speak for themselves!

Both parties voted for NAFTA, which made it much easier for American companies to move manufacturing operations to Mexico and Canada, two countries with cheaper labor and less environmental regulations. The whooshing sound of good paying US manufacturing jobs leaving America ultimately resulted in big trade deficits with Mexico and Canada. For decades, both Democrats and Republicans have also looked the other way while China, India, and other major trading partners have imposed restrictions and taxes on American exports while we allow these countries to export their goods to America without restrictions or tariffs. Republicans and Democrats even modified our tax code to reward those multinational companies who move their manufacturing jobs abroad to exploit cheap labor and limited or non-existent environmental requirements.

George W Bush left our country on the verge of a depression in 2008. One of the reasons for the collapse of real estate, mortgage companies, and investment banks was the decision by both Democrats and Republicans to quietly repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932, a law passed during the Great Depression to separate commercial and investment banking. The purpose of Glass-Steagall was to prevent banks from risking customer deposits by engaging in speculative investments. The repeal of most of Glass-Steagall occurred in 1999, passed by Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton. 

– It's Time For A Brutally Honest Discussion About The Democrat And Republican Parties 

If we the people don’t overthrow our corrupt ruling class in Washington, who will do it for us? Government corruption is not new. It’s as old as government itself. Every government in every country has been plagued by corruption, to some extent. What matters is what we do about it.  

​According to the Trustees for Social Security and Medicare, the big Social Security Trust Fund will no longer be able to pay full benefits after 2034. The Medicare Hospital Trust Fund will no longer be able to pay full benefits after 2029. These estimates, however, are based on many major assumptions and are subject to change. It is very hard to believe anything our federal government tells us, given that they have lied or been wrong, so often. Our national debt, currently over 20 trillion and growing, threatens all government entitlement programs. As the debt grows, interest payments on the debt will grow, interfering with the government’s ability to make future payments to Social Security and Medicare. The politicians and their big donors both benefit financially from our growing debt. The more taxpayer dollars our corrupt politicians and corrupt bureaucrats divert to the companies bribing them, the richer these companies get, and the more they give back in bribes to our despicable politicians and bureaucrats. It’s a sweet system, but not for the people. Unlike most Americans, the politicians and their big donors are not relying on Social Security and Medicare to survive. 

We spend over 600 billion per year on defense! The Department of Defense, however, is a cesspool.  Military contractors routinely bribe the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for purchasing all our military equipment. The Department of Defense has never even been audited! Nobody in Washington knows or cares how many trillions have been lost, wasted, or stolen because everybody in Washington benefits financially from the fraud and waste!

The Bush Family and Bush cabinet members got rich sending our troops to war, because of their financial ties to the Carlyle Group or Halliburton. Every American should google, “Bush Family profits from ties to Carlyle Group,” to read news articles about this scandal in national newspapers. Everyone who wants to know how many hundreds of billions of our tax dollars have been stolen or wasted by the Department of Defense should read, “Grand Theft Pentagon” by investigative journalist Jeffrey St. Clair. As long as we instinctively view past presidents, former cabinet members, and former members of Congress through a cloudy lens of nostalgia, we will continue electing some very bad people in the future. Our election system is not sufficiently transparent. Slick politicians from both parties will continue to fool us with carefully scripted public appearances and biased media reporting unless we demand more transparency and interaction with all candidates prior to all elections. We must no longer settle for the “lesser of two evils” when voting. If we come together, combining our voices online, combining our votes on Election Day, we the people have the political power to restore honest, efficient, representative government. 

For the more than 150 years that the Democrat and Republican Parties have both been in existence, we have surrendered control of all our elections and control of our federal and state governments to these two parties, believing that, in every election, we were choosing between two principled parties with different ideologies. Gradually, during these past 150 years, big donors and their lobbyists have taken control of both parties by bribing the leadership and most elected members of both parties. After 150 years, what do we have to show for our loyalty to corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans? 

Both parties serve only their big donors while using their phony platforms to divide the people. Politicians in both parties have cynically employed the time-tested strategy of “divide and conquer” to distract the people from their real agenda of collecting massive bribes and holding on to power. In 2017, America has never faced so many critical problems. 

The gap between the rich and the middle class is becoming insurmountable. In the past, America distinguished itself from most other countries by sustaining a vibrant middle class. The middle class is being squeezed from both ends, forced to subsidize a permanent, growing underclass that refuses to work, doesn’t pay income tax, and refuses to take responsibility for themselves. The longer this underclass relies on government, the lower their self-esteem, the more hostile they become, and the more they rely on the Democrat Party. The rich also exploit the middle class, bribing politicians in exchange for exorbitant government contracts, and protection from government oversight and regulations, thus enabling the rich and corporate America to become disproportionately richer by price gouging the stagnating middle class. As the middle class gradually transforms into the working poor, their hopes of attaining the American dream continue to vanish.

The Democrat Party has provided us with broken schools and a defiant government workforce protected by union contracts and civil service laws, making termination almost impossible. Every major city has a “war zone” run by gangs and drug dealers. Democrats keep brainwashing the poorest Americans into believing they are victims who must accept government assistance to survive. Democrats proclaim themselves the “Champions of the Poor” despite the fact that their socialist, communist ideology and policies have failed all over the world for centuries. Both China and Russia finally permitted free enterprise and capitalism to resuscitate their dying economies.

The Republicans are no better.  They hurt the country in different ways. They have wasted trillions building a war machine to police the world and have tried unsuccessfully to replace anti-American regimes with pro-American puppets. Throughout all of mankind’s history, every powerful country or empire that has tried to extend its military operations throughout the world has failed, forced to retreat from foreign countries because of economic and political pressure. The Vietnam War sputtered out; the Iraq War was based on lies; by installing a brutal dictator, Mohammad Reza Shah, an American puppet, as the Shah of Iran, our government ultimately fostered the world’s fiercest state sponsor of terrorism. The American people did not want to go to war in Vietnam. They were lied to about Iraq. US Oil companies were behind the regime change in Iran. Our oil companies bribed all the right politicians in Washington because they wanted control of Iran’s oil. The American people did not want our CIA and other covert US intelligence agencies to install a corrupt dictator in Iran. We have had a corrupt government in Washington for far too long! Until Nov. 8, 2016, most Americans believed they would never again have a voice in their government. We must expand our voices in 2018!

Let’s take a closer look at the Democrat Party.​

Let’s take a closer look at the 
​Republican Party.