The greatest threat our country faces is not from North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or any other terrorist group. All these external threats are known, identifiable, and can therefore be neutralized. The greatest threat our country faces is from the smiling, glib, traitorous politicians in both parties, pretending to be patriotic statesmen and patriotic stateswomen, gallivanting around Washington, wearing the finest designer clothing, dining at the finest restaurants, meeting with lobbyists at the most exclusive private clubs, discreetly selling out the people and our country, every day, for big campaign contributions.

This website is dedicated to the more than 60 million Trump voters who love America and who voted for Donald J. Trump’s conservative, populist, Republican agenda. Trump voters included Republicans, Democrats, and independents who all realized that if Clinton had won, the America they loved would have vanished. 

Just because politicians call the bribes they eagerly accept, “campaign contributions,” and just because the bribes are “legal” if the politician doesn’t leave a trail of evidence proving he or she sold favors for cash and gifts, that doesn’t mean we have to elect any candidates who take big donations from special interests.

In 1796, our first and only independent president, George Washington, warned the nation that two warring political parties would threaten the country’s democracy and make it easier for foreign countries to exert influence in Washington by dealing only with the party in power. President Washington’s predictions have both come true! Both corrupt parties are destroying our democracy and our country! Powerful competing foreign governments like China and Russia routinely bribe members of Congress using dark money, soft money, PACs, and lobbyists, ensuring our trade deals and tax laws enrich these foreign countries while leaving America with far fewer good paying jobs and huge trade deficits.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln referred, in his Gettysburg Address, to a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” He was sending all future Americans a message that our country’s government belongs to all the people, that the people we elect must be ordinary citizens, not career politicians, and that our elected representatives must work for all the people. In 2017, our federal government is run by a corrupt ruling class consisting of lobbyists, career politicians, union bosses, top corporate CEOs, corrupt bureaucrats, and major corporations. Our government belongs to the people in name only!  The people we elect are rarely ordinary citizens; most of the people we elect are slick con artists who rise to the top of their corrupt party, making deals with party bosses in exchange for tens of millions which they use to run multi-media circus style campaigns. Sadly, all our politicians work only for their big donors while offering the voters endless empty promises. 

– We Must Stop Electing Politicians Because They All Accept Bribes From Big Donors, From Lobbyists' Fundraisers Or From Unions 

Instead of hoping that honest, brilliant patriots will run for all federal and state elected offices in all future elections, let’s ask them to run using the internet! Great Americans always step up when they are asked to serve their country! 

We the people bear the ultimate responsibility to protect our democracy. The people must be vigilant to preserve our democracy! There will always be evil people addicted to money and power who will attempt to promote their agendas. We must do much more than just vote. It is our duty to do everything we can to elect only gifted patriots who will put the people and our country first!

Each of us has a role to play. If you can’t participate in creating your state’s website, tell everyone you know to go to so they can learn how many millions in bribes each member of Congress receives from special interests, each year! Tell everyone you know to sign up for the free email newsletters offered by   If you have been inspired, informed, and motivated by this website, tell everyone you know to visit this website. Spend your free time learning the facts which the mainstream media never mentions. Read “Grand Theft Pentagon” by Jeffrey St. Clair. Google search items such as “DOJ (Department of Justice) corruption,” “FBI corruption,” “DOD (Department of Defense) corruption,” and other kinds of government corruption. The media rarely talks about bribery or the trillions wasted, lost, or stolen each year by all government agencies, combined. It’s all taxpayers’ money!

Our elections belong to the people, not to special interests or political parties. Our government belongs to the people, not to special interests or political parties. The constitution does not mention political parties. It’s time the people acknowledge that relying on two corrupt political parties is no better than relying on one. It’s time we start acting like our elections and our government belong to us! We must help ourselves now or watch our beloved country become a nation of rich and poor, ruled by a corrupt ruling class! The more people who join our movement, the louder our combined voices, the greater our combined votes, and therefore, the more likely we will succeed! ​

JFK's eternal flame at Arlington Cemetery
"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."
John F. Kennedy

As Long As We Continue Electing Politicians, Nothing Will Ever Change. Voting Doesn’t Matter If The Candidates Are Corrupt. Laws Don’t Matter If The People Enforcing Them, Are Corrupt. Only We The People Can End The Rampant Bribery In Washington!

The Democrats, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), most federal employees, union bosses, the mainstream media, lobbyists, and some major corporations are working non-stop to impeach Trump or elect enough Democrats or RINOs in 2018 to prevent President Trump from serving the people and our country!  We must act now to encourage conservative, populist, Republicans and independents to run for Congress in 2018!

It is time for those of us in each state with the appropriate computer skills to step forward and establish our “populist election system” by creating a website for each state that will provide a meeting place on the internet where all citizens seeking honest brilliant candidates and gifted patriots desiring to serve can connect. For example, a small group of people living in NY State could create a website on Facebook or by using any webhosting company. Their website could be called, “The People of NY State seek conservative, populist, patriots for all federal and state elected offices.”  A similar website could be created in all remaining 49 states. Going forward, we must elect as many patriots as possible who will accept only small personal donations, public funds set aside for elections, and small personal donations from crowd funding websites. We can easily monitor all candidates to ensure they are not taking bribes by periodically visiting either or

Many gifted patriots would consider running if they knew they could get elected without having to spend tens of millions on TV ads and circus-like multi-media campaign events. Interested patriotic candidates wishing to serve could make videos on YouTube detailing their education, career successes, motives for running, and proposed policies. Patriotic candidates in each state could then go to their state website and provide links to their YouTube videos. All serious patriotic candidates could run inexpensive campaigns by conducting all campaign events at inexpensive venues, using only the town hall format. All these town hall meetings could be broadcast live on the internet using webcast software. Patriotic candidates could provide links to their town hall meetings on their own websites or on their state’s website.

The people would likely benefit by electing conservative, populist, Republican or independent candidates with no prior government experience, whenever possible. Candidates who succeeded in the private sector would be far more likely to disrupt the institutional bribery in federal and state governments and reorganize all government agencies, so that all public employees could no longer rely on union contracts and civil service laws to protect them from termination. We shouldn’t limit our search for conservative, populist, patriots, to just billionaires, millionaires, or Republicans. Both parties have lied to us and betrayed us for many decades. We don’t owe either party our unconditional loyalty. The best and quickest way to make Republicans or Democrats work for the people is to elect independent candidates. Competition always makes competitors work harder to please their customers, or in this case, their voters.  The more qualified candidates we would attract, the better candidates we would elect. We could also reelect those conservative Republican senators and conservative Republican House members, currently supporting President Trump’s agenda, if they would agree, going forward, to accept only small personal donations or public funds set aside for elections, and to conduct only town hall meetings, answering as many questions as possible. 

Our election system does not work very well. In 2000, the Supreme Court elected George W. Bush because of the voting irregularities in Florida. We were stuck with the dimwitted son of George H. W. Bush, for 8 years. The Bush who could barely speak without a teleprompter dragged us into a war in Iraq under false pretenses, left our country on the verge of a depression, and with the help of Republicans in Congress falsely claiming to be fiscal conservatives, added 10 trillion to our national debt over 8 years. Desperate for a change, the voters turned in 2008 to the other corrupt party, the Democrats. We elected the Pied Piper of hope and change. Everything Obama said during his campaign was totally insincere. After we elected him president, we found out Obama hated America, viewing our country as an evil empire deserving of a weak military and a struggling economy. 

Obama spent 8 years trying to diminish America’s role in the world. The mainstream media downplayed his friendship with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. The mainstream media also forgot to mention Obama’s obsession with the teachings of radical Saul Alinsky, and that for many years, Obama listened to Reverend Jeremiah Wright blaspheme our country, preaching that America deserved 9/11. As a parting “gift,” Obama committed treason by signing secret side deals with Iran, a country sworn to our destruction, which allows them to continue developing nuclear weapons at all their military sites, without any IAEA inspections. During Obama’s presidency, the Democrats added 10 trillion more to our national debt.  The mainstream media barely mentioned Obama’s secret side deals with Iran. Despite committing treason, Obama is currently prancing around, laughing at us, hoping Iran will attack us with nuclear weapons! Our criminal justice system is a joke! The most powerful politicians can get away with anything, including treason! 

Our election system discourages ordinary, brilliant, patriotic citizens from running for all federal and state elected offices because they don’t happen to have tens of millions available to run the typical high profile multi-media campaigns run by corrupt politicians. It’s time we stopped electing people based on the money they can raise for their campaigns and start electing people based on their character, their intelligence, their past successes, and their patriotism.

It is in the people’s interest to encourage brilliant patriots to run for all elected offices, regardless of how much money they can raise. Only patriots will put the people and our country first! We must stop believing that our only choice, in most elections, is voting for the lesser of two evils. It hasn’t worked for us in the past and it will never work for us in the future!

Each of us must change the way we think about our elections and the way we choose our candidates. We must take charge of our elections as much as possible. If we elect only patriotic candidates who won’t accept any money from special interests during their campaigns and after they’re elected, special interests will have no control over the candidates we elect.