As Long As We Continue Electing Politicians, Nothing Will Ever Change. Voting Doesn’t Matter If The Candidates Are Corrupt. Laws Don’t Matter If The People Enforcing Them, Are Corrupt. Only We The People Can End The Rampant Bribery In Washington!

For those of you who are curious about my novel, the front and back cover are shown below. Anyone interested in reading a sample can either read the first 6 pages, in page format, or the first 39 pages, shown continuously without separate pages. There are two red buttons below the front and back cover. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle format.

After being elected, President Obama exacerbated racial tension by exploiting several tragic deaths of African-Americans involving white police officers, criticizing the white police officers even before all the facts were known; President Obama disparaged America on the worldwide stage; he tore down our military; he ignored the plight of his most loyal demographic, African-Americans, even using his Attorney General Eric Holder to deny African-American children access to school vouchers in some cities. The mainstream media, however, protected Obama for eight years; the liberal media ignored Obama’s efforts to use the IRS to prevent Republican political organizations from acquiring tax-exempt status; the liberal media ignored Obama’s many lies about Obamacare’s benefits; the mainstream media ignored Obama’s lies about Benghazi; the leftist media did not investigate Obama's secret side agreements with Iran enabling them to secretly continue developing nuclear warheads; the leftist media even ignored Obama’s lies about not knowing that Hillary was sending and receiving top secret messages on her private server although he had communicated with her using her unauthorized private email account on her private server. 

I first realized our country was in big trouble after nine justices on the Supreme Court effectively elected George W. Bush President in 2000. This perverted presidential election demonstrated how powerful the Washington Elite had become. George W. Bush’s presidency was a disaster! He dragged the country into an unjustified war in Iraq under false pretenses, costing trillions to date, while also provoking many more people to hate America. George W. Bush watched helplessly as the country’s economy collapsed in 2008 under his bumbling leadership. It is not widely known that the Bush Family got rich off Mideast wars through their financial ties to the Carlyle Group, a story never even mentioned on network or cable TV. Once again, everyone should read “Grand Theft Pentagon” written by investigative journalist Jeffrey St. Clair to get a sense of how corrupt even some of our presidents and cabinet members have been.

In 2014, I started writing a novel about how a patriotic Hispanic entrepreneur from a wealthy family wanted to give back to the country that allowed his Cuban parents to come here with only several hundred US dollars and create a successful regional food manufacturing company. The novel I wrote contains elements of suspense, drama, romance, inspiration, and some little-known facts about the extreme influence wielded in Washington by lobbyists and corporate donors. The unlikely hero in my novel, Carlos Estrada, runs as an independent candidate, daring to take on both political parties, the lobbyists, the big donors, the special interests, and the unions. The mainstream media ignores his candidacy until election night. After finishing my novel in April 2016, I was still an angry, frustrated voter. I realized there was more I could do, so I started this website in November, 2016. I believe the only way to defeat both the Washington politicians and the donor class who are now trying to prevent President Trump from carrying out his agenda is for ordinary citizens to organize a national grass roots movement to attract and elect enough gifted patriots to Congress to pass the laws needed to help President Trump help us. The "people’s election system” must be financed only by small personal donations and public funds set aside for elections, not by millions or billions in bribes.  

In 2018, If we don’t elect enough gifted “Real Republicans” (not RINOs) or gifted Independent candidates who support President Trump’s agenda to give President Trump a super majority in both the House (he needs 290 Republicans in the House) and Senate (he needs 67 Republican votes in the Senate), he will not have the votes he needs to carry out his “Make America Great Again” agenda. The Democrats will do what both Democrats and Republicans have always done and will always do whenever either party is in the minority, i.e., obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. If that happens, we could wait decades for another populist president to be elected with the necessary votes to carry out his or her agenda. This is our time! Let’s rise together and show the world that we, the American people, have the will and the determination to elect brilliant patriots, not parasites who serve only their big donors. We must permanently break the chokehold that the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, and the donor class have had on our election system and our government for over one hundred fifty years! Democracy can only happen when the people play a major role. Patriotism trumps bribes! 

– Why I started This Website 

After graduating from Rutgers Business School, I worked as a tax accountant in private industry for several years before taking a position in state government as a corporate tax auditor. During my nearly twenty-three years in state government, I witnessed many instances of corruption, waste, and mismanagement. One of my first supervisors instructed me in writing to deny all corporate taxpayers a specific subtraction from their tax due, requiring me to ignore the actual facts of their specific filings. I refused even though I was caring for a sick parent and I needed a secure income. I learned that it is possible to stand up to government. That supervisor ultimately relinquished his illegal, unethical demand. After retiring, I spent several years pursuing my passion of researching government waste and corruption in Washington. I was just another angry, frustrated voter but I knew where to look and what to read based on my prior government experience. Knowing I had been fooled by Obama’s phony campaign promises in 2008, I finally decided that I could no longer wait for my brilliant, patriotic presidential candidate to run so I created my own ideal candidate.  

In February, Mika Brzezinski, co-host of “Morning Joe,” mistakenly blurted out her belief that it’s the media’s job “to control what people think.” From Wikileaks, we learned that at least sixty mainstream media reporters secretly coordinated with the Clinton campaign to help her defeat Donald Trump. The elite media thinks most of us are so stupid that we don’t understand what they have been doing. After George W. Bush and the Republican Party left the country on the verge of a depression, the voters turned in desperation to the Democrats. So, who did we elect in 2008? We elected the Pied Piper, Obama, who preached national unity and hope during his campaign. During Obama's campaign, the mainstream media could barely conceal their affection for our first potential African-American president. The liberal media ignored Obama’s prior friendship with domestic terrorists Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn; the liberal media also ignored ample evidence of his radical ideology and his devotion to radical Saul Alinsky.