Theodore Roosevelt


Dear Website Visitors: This website is currently being updated to provide a better more informative experience. Please come back on or around 6/22/17. The purpose of this website is to inform, inspire, and mobilize all Americans who love our country to join together and elect honest, gifted patriots to run for all elected offices. Currently, most of the people we have elected in both parties are corrupt politicians who each collect millions in bribes (campaign contributions) every year, to sell out our country! While you are waiting to visit us again, please remember the following:

       As long as we elect politicians, nothing will change! All politicians

 are persuasive, cunning traitors, nothing more.  Laws don't matter

 when the people enforcing them are corrupt! Voting doesn't

 matter when the candidates are corrupt!

     If we are tired of watching our government conduct endless 

 investigations, refuse to address the people's needs, and lead our

 country to financial collapse to serve the interests of their big

 donors, then we must stand together now against both corrupt  

 political parties! Only the people can initiate real change!

     Our national debt is 20 trillion and climbing. Our school system

 lags far behind most advanced nations in math, science, and

 reading. Most of our national infrastructure is 70-100 years old and

 crumbling! It will cost trillions to return it to good working order

 according to the American Society for Civil Engineers. They gave

 our infrastructure a grade of D+. Go to their website.

     Our annual defense spending of over 600 billion includes 100

 billion or more every year in grossly overpriced  no-bid and cost

 plus contracts handed out to big donors! Nobody in Washington

 cares how much of our money is wasted or stolen! Read "Grand

 Theft Pentagon" by Jeffrey St. Clair to find out how corrupt the

 pentagon is! The Bush Family got rich sending our troops to war

 because of their financial relationship with the Carlyle Group, a

 fact never mentioned on any network or cable TV news show

 including Fox. Google it! It's time to open our eyes. We've elected

 some terrible people in the past! It's time to stop idolizing past

 leaders just because we elected them!

     For decades, health insurance has been a disaster for many

 Americans not covered by their employers. If you're not living in

 poverty, Obamacare is a sick joke because of the ridiculously high  

 premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance amounts. How

 bad does it have to get before we decide we have had enough?

 What will it take for us to come together? 

     Most Americans realize Washington is dysfunctional and  

 controlled by big donors! Politicians in both political parties always

 do what is best for them and their big donors, not for us! Money

 rules in Washington, not democracy! If we combine our voices and

 votes, we the people have the power to replace all the parasites in

 Washington with non-politicians who are brilliant, who love our

 country, and who seek only limited public service.